Purchasing insurance can be confusing.   Everyone wants to stretch their dollars and make a wise decision.    Typically the consumer will either focus on price or benefits.   We feel you should concentrate on both.   Please let us demonstrate our ability to advise you on the common differences between insurance policies.   As a trusted adviser since 1978 we feel we bring value to you as your Agent.  Many people take for granted that all policies are alike, which is far from the truth.  When comparing policies you may want to ask the following questions:


  1. Will your company offer a Rate Lock?
  2. Will your company offer a Safe Driver Discount?
  3. Will your company offer a College Student Discount?
  4. Will your company offer Replacement Cost Coverage?
  5. Will your company offer GAP Coverage?
  6. Will your company offer a Diminishing Deductible?
  7. Will your company offer Transportation Expenses with No Deductible or Waiting Period?
  8. Will your company offer Emergency Travel Costs?
  9. Will your company offer Increased Sound Equipment?
  10. Will your company offer Non Owned Trailer Coverage?
  11. Will your company offer Death Benefit Coverage?
  12. What is the Financial Strength of Your Company?
  13. What Awards Has Your Company Earned?
  14. Does your company offer Automatic Coverage for borrowed or rented vehicles?
  15. Does your company offer coverage for relatives who borrow your vehicle?
  16. Does your company offer road service with no deductible and no limit?
  17. Does your company offer any loyalty programs for long term customers?
  18. Does your company waive the comprehensive deductible on glass repairs?
  19. Does your company offer first accident forgiveness?
  20. Does your company offer car rental without a fixed dollar limit?
  21. Does your company offer road services without a fixed dollar limit?
  22. Will your company use new OEM parts on vehicle repairs on vehicles that are one year old or less?
  23. Does your company offer local claims service?
  24. Does your company offer local agents?


  1. Will your company offer a 100% Guaranteed Dwelling Replacement Cost?
  2. Will your company offer extensive coverage for personal property without excessive exclusions?
  3. If a theft claim were to occur will my policy include mysterious disappearance?
  4. Is there any coverage for animals, birds and fish?
  5. Is there any coverage for cash and precious metals?
  6. Is there any coverage for hard to replace items?
  7. What coverage is available for valuables like jewelry, furs, silverware, watches, precious stones and firearms?
  8. Will your policy provide identity recovery and fraud reimbursement coverage?
  9. What coverage is available for trailers, watercraft, debris removal, personal computers and business personal property?
  10. Will your company waive your deductible for losses over $50,000?
  11. Will your company provide any watercraft liability?
  12. Will your company provide any earthquake coverage?
  13. Will your company offer sewer & drain backup coverage?
  14. Will your company offer theft of building materials?
  15. Will your company offer sinkhole coverage?
  16. What deductible choices does your company offer?
  17. Are there different deductibles depending on the type of loss?
  18. Does your company offer sewer and drain back up coverage for damage to BOTH dwelling and personal property?
  19. Does your company pay Replacement Cost on hail and wind losses or is it settled for actual cost value?
  20. Does your company pay replacement cost up front on contents claims without hold back for recoverable depreciation?