One size does not fit all when it comes to LIFE insurance.   Every individual has unique needs.   We tailor products that fit your needs.    Some examples of the products we offer:

Of course we want to talk to you to better understand your situation.  Without a proper review of your situation it is extremely difficult to recommend the correct coverage for you.   We understand sometimes it is difficult to find time to call.   We offer multiple ways to reach out to you.   Please let us know your preferred contact method.   

If you are like most consumers you are doing your research in the evening.   If you click on our 'online quote form' your request is sent to us for review.   Please make sure you include your preferred method of contact.   Most of the quote requests are answered the next business morning.   However, we've been know to work well past 5 pm and you may be surprised to receive an email from us at 9 pm!

Just a reminder ...  we currently are serving customers in the states of IN, IL & MI.   If you do NOT reside in one of those states we will not be able to help you at this time.   

Thank you,

Peterson Insurance Agency, Inc.

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